My artistic enthusiasm arises from curiosity and an interest to explore conceptual notions, materials and technical processes. In my mind the limitless bounds, possibilities, and formlessness of artistic practice provide a groundwork for investigating one’s understandings of the world. Accordingly my practice has investigated a variety conceptual arenas, taking many configurations and forms.

More specifically my current practice is interested the materiality of clay, haptic experience, and formalism. The work is understood to be an expression of the interaction that occurs between the maker and material. My work outlines media, processes, and cultural context.

While I am open to the capacities that different media present, I also often and that clay provides an excellent platform of creation due to a vast potentiality. Specifically, I am drawn to its malleability and the ability to capture the haptic experience. Clay has the ability to capture and archive those situations which act upon it. This quality of being contrastingly ephemeral and permanent provides interest both materially and conceptually.