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I have always been interested in the willingness of ceramic artists to accept the chance that exist within ceramic processes. I cannot think of a material with less predictability in its outcomes. Ceramic materials crack, break, and blow-up, and this is without mentioning glazing. Of course as one practices the chances of failure tend to lessen, but I have always been fascinated by how exciting not knowing can be. 

My interest in ceramics started with functional pottery, and I think I will always have an affinity for using and making these objects. Learning about ceramics, its forms and histories has changed the way I understand the material world.    

In my practice function provides a conceptual platform in and of itself, where material possibility can be explored with enjoyment and freedom. These objects become stories as they reflect and represent moments of personal experience in non-linear ways, bringing together past, present, and future, while offering new patterns from which to form daily life.

When making pottery I tend to make a lot of cups. I like that they are relatively fast to make, which makes them less valuable, enabling me to more easily experiment with form and surface. Also, they are easy to give away, I mean, everyone can use a cup. 

New (random) 

cup 1.png
slip cast cup 26.png
tumbler 4.png


cup 13.png

Colored Clay 

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