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Titles are for Amateurs


The work is from the exhibition New Faculty at FAU is based on the dichotomy that exists within the lived environment of South Florida, here there is an evident ambition to achieve, what William Letharby labeled, in Architecture, Mysticism and Myth, termed an urban utopia, which is the creation of overly aestheticized environments. Interestingly, due to a large population and the ever-encroaching fauna, such a desire is always receding. And while there are islands of this utopian vision, one often encounters an environment that is dirty, in-repair and unsure of itself. In this way my works aim to mimic such insecurity, where the objects are rather unsure of what they are or what materials they are or trying to be. I enjoy the tension that this state of in-between or

un-achievability creates. I think in a lot of ways I am interested in the potential

of not knowing and questions.

New Faculty 1.jpg
New Faculty 3.jpg
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