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Keeping Time [KT] is made up of ceramic labels that record one minute each. In this case, I sat at a simple table with the clay labels, a set of numerical stamps, and a clock. As the minute changed on the digital clock, I used the numerical stamps to imprint that time into one of the clay labels along with the calendar date. Repeatedly, as the minute changed on the clock, a label was created to document the passage of time. 

For each of the five days recorded the 'work' period began at 9 a.m. and ended at 5p.m., to mimic the average Western workday. When I was not present at the worktable for lunch or bathroom visits no labels exist for those minutes, and there is a space within the exhibited tiles.

The work aims to express the ability of clay and ceramic to capture, record, and ultimately archive. KT acts as a subtle reference to self - a basic record of existence.  

ceramic, stain, wood, plexi
KT 5.jpg
KT 20.jpg
KT 19.jpg
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