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This work is from a 3 week residency at FROOTS Gallery Studios, Jingedezhen, China. The work I created during the residency was initially inspired by two series of my past work, Shapes and That's Okay. During the residency I had the opportunity to work with different materials and in a different environment. In the end, this residency and the body of work that resulted was novel for my practice as I found I began to work in a less structured fashion and the sculptures begin to express the elasticity and malleability of the clay more clearly than I had in the past. 

shapes 2 - 12.jpg

Ceramic, resin, spray paint

shapes 2 - 6.jpg
shapes 3 - 6.jpg
form 3 - 1.jpg
shapes 3 - 5.jpg
form 3 - 5.jpg
form 2 - 3.jpg
form 2 - 1.jpg
shapes 1 - 2.jpg
shapes 1 - 3.jpg
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