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This work is from a 3 week residency at Officine Saffi Gallery, Milan. While walking in the city I found myself inspired by small details within the iron work that exists in doorways, and balcony railings. Additionally there arise fortuitous interactions that occur when visiting a new city. In this are the multitudes of experiential phenomena that occur every moment and yet are too complex to be fully grasped. In other words, the work arises from my experience of Milan's people, buildings and decorations, as well as the embedded history written upon their surface. All those sights, sounds and smells that intertwine in each single moment of, let's say, a stroll down the street. 

hand-built ceramic and colored slips

milan 15.jpg
milan 2016 - 2.jpg
milan 2016.jpg
milan 8.jpg
milan 21.jpg
detail 2.jpg
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